Elizabeth Best, M. Arch, Owner / Boss Lady

“Necessity is the mother of invention” - Proverb based on Plato’s teachings

I am passionate about creating amazing spaces!  I have always worked with my hands and consider myself a craftswomen to the core.

It all started when I was young, building dollhouses.  Those dollhouses got me a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design, School of Building Arts.  After 5-years of intensive study, I graduated with both a Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Architecture.

My creative energy leads the way.  I’m an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is not afraid of reinvention.  I’m proud to say that I am a Mother, Professional Painter, Craftswoman, Designer, Employer, US Patent Holder, and much more!

Moving into the future, I want my business model to center around fostering and inspiring other women to enter the trades.  I know from my own experience that women will succeed beyond their wildest dreams using their own two hands, creating something beautiful!

I believe in doing things properly. If it’s worth doing, ‘do your best!’

For a job done properly, call The Proper Painter LLC.