Color Consultation & Design

Choosing colors for the Interior and Exterior of your house is a vitally important decision that should not be taken lightly. When color selection is executed properly, it will add value to your home by simply reflecting your family, your home’s aesthetic, your belongings and most importantly your unique style.

We study leading and past design trends, when these are properly combined with your home’s existing aesthetic it will create a color palette that will last the test of time. We carefully engage each client with the intention of understanding your values and personality. Success is based on your input, trust us when we say that we truly value your participation as will you! Simply put, our process is to discover your design personality.

Not only do we bring our color expertise with us, we also know the science behind paint and how it should be applied and where to use specific paints based on their performance. All paint is formulated to be used in specific areas of your home!

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